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Mee Hiris China Muslim

The special traditional Chinese Muslim noodles are one of the most famous noodles among Chinese Muslims in North China. The procedure for preparing the dish is to knead the ingredients and flour until it forms a dough,

Lift the dough with left hand, use a curved knife to slice the dough into boiling water, and remove the mee hiris after cooking.

After that, add meat and seasonings. ShanXi Datong Mee Hiris are the most famous mee hiris. Mee Hiris became famous for its unique taste. These noodles are called mee hiris because the noodles are cut into slices.

Mee Tarik Daging is a traditional Chinese Muslim food in Lanzhou, China. It is one of the special halal dishes. It has a unique taste which is "One Soup (Noodle Soup), Two White (White Carrot),

Three Red (Red Chili Oil), Four Green (Coriander, Onion), and Five Yellow (Yellow Noodle)". Mee Tarik Daging is praised by overseas and Chinese customers alike for its unique taste. Mee Tarik Daging is also one of the three fast foods in China and has earned the reputation of being the "Number One Muslim Chinese Noodles."

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