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KSL Esplanade Mall Welcomes Shoppers From 31 May 2023

  • May 15, 2023

By creating the newest vibrant destination and generating economic activity for the communities in Klang, Shah Alam, Jenjarom, and beyond, KSL Esplanade Mall, the brainchild of KSL City Management Sdn Bhd (a wholly subsidiary of KSL Holdings Berhad), promises to breathe new life into Klang City, especially Southern Klang. Before its soft opening on May 31, 2023, KSL Esplanade Mall expects to draw more than a million shoppers who live within a 30 to 45 minute drive.

The iconic 650,000 square foot (sqft) shopping mall will contain four floors of retail space, a landscaped park, event space of up to 10,000 sqft, an outdoor eating terrace, and a special section with play area for kids. KSL Esplanade Mall promises "More Than Just A Mall" experiences in an effort to become Klang's one-stop shopping destination.

Mr. Patrick Khoo, the project director for KSL Esplanade Mall, is certain that the mall will stand out and be well-liked. In a statement released today, Patrick claims, "This is not just another mall." "Our mall is envisioned as a third place, which is best described as a setting where a person can have a transforming sense of self, identity, and relationships with others. The phrase "third space" refers to three different locations: the house, the workplace, and the mall.

Numerous events, both indoors and outdoors, including competitions, tournaments,light and music display, festivals, and arts and cultural events will be held in support of a community living. We are confident that the "More Than Just A Mall" idea will receive favourable reaction from the neighbourhood and customers, he added.

KSL Esplanade Mall has successfully secured several key anchor tenants to provide a unique shopping experience to its visitors. These tenants include Star Grocer, ENERG X Park, Xctive Kidz, XTROLLER, Good2U Concept Store, Starbucks, ZUS Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Chicken Rice Shop, Nihon Shoku, Uncledon's, Loon Sing Restaurant, Pets Wonderland, Houzone, One Living, MR D.I.Y, Toy World, Toyworld Amusement Park, TGV Cinema, Happy Fish Swimming School and more to be announced in the near future. At present, the project has achieved approximately 70% occupancy of tenancy.

Excellent Accessibilities From Within & In Between

Southern Klang is now well served by excellent connectivity to the major highways such as Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS), South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), and New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE).

Visitors to KSL Esplanade Mall can look forward to the improved connectivity with the upcoming Light Rail Transit (LRT3). The LRT3 will provide easy interchange with existing rail systems, such as MRT Bandar Utama, Kelana Jaya Line, BRT Federal Line, and KTM Komuter Port Klang, offering a seamless travel experience.Visitors will be transported along this LRT3 alignment from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia Station, where they will then need to take a 5-minute drive to reach KSL Esplanade Mall. KSL Esplanade Mall will offer complimentary shuttle services as an added convenience to meet the demands of the customers.

"In order to highlight the accessibility, my team has focused heavily on enhancing and strengthening the local infrastructure to ensure a comfortable commute to and from the shopping mall. This involves a project to enlarge the road, installation of additional lampost, building a brand-new pedestrian link bridge and bus station for the convenience of the general public. We are committed to the sustainable growth of the area, particularly for those who call it home. Our aim is to have a significant impact on the community by providing upgraded amenities, facilities, and job opportunities.By prioritizing the needs of the community, KSL Esplanade Mall aims to become a destination that not only provides a great shopping experience but also contributes to the development of the area, according to Patrick Khoo.

KSL Bandar Bestari typically consists of semi-detached house, serviced apartment, shopping mall, commercial property, and a four-star hotel that caters to the middle-to-high income community. These notable developments are anticipated to change the neighbourhood and attract greater investment interest. "South Klangs' makeover is about to begin," he said in conclusion.

KSL Esplanade Mall 将于2023年5月31日开张

KSL City Management Sdn Bhd(KSL Holdings Berhad全资子公司)的全新项目KSL Esplanade Mall将为巴生市,特别是南巴生地区带来全新的活力和经济活动,吸引来自巴生、莎阿南、仁嘉隆等地的消费者,成为巴生地区的一站式购物中心。商场将于2023年5月31日开张营业,预计能够吸引30到45分钟车程范围内的一百万名以上的消费者。

这座标志性的购物中心占地65万平方英尺,共有四层零售空间、景观公园、面积可达1万平方英尺的活动空间、户外用餐露台以及儿童游乐区。KSL Esplanade Mall承诺为顾客带来“More Than Just A Mall”的体验,成为巴生地区的购物一站式服务。

KSL Esplanade Mall的项目总监Patrick Khoo 先生相信这个购物中心会受到顾客的喜爱。他在今天发布的一份声明中表示:“More Than Just A Mall”, 我们的商场被设想为一个‘第三空间’,最好的描述是在这个空间里,一个人可以对自己、身份和与他人的关系有一个转化性的感觉。‘第三空间’一词指的是三个不同的位置:家、工作场所和购物中心。”

商场将举办室内外各种活动,包括比赛、锦标赛、灯光音乐表演、节日庆典、艺术文化活动等以支持社区生活。我们相信“More Than Just A Mall”的理念将受到邻里和消费者的欢迎。

KSL Esplanade Mall已成功地吸引了几个重要的商户,为购物者提供独特的购物体验。这些商户包括Star Grocer、EneryG X Park、Xctive Kidz、XROLLER、Good2U Concept Store、Starbucks 、Zus Coffee、The Coffee Bean & Leaf、The Chicken Rice Shop、Nihon Shoku、Uncledon's、Loon Sing Restaurant、Pets Wonderland、Houzone、One Living、MR D.I.Y、Toy World、Toyworld Amusement Park、TGV Cinema、Happy Fish Swimming School等。目前已有超过70%的零售空间近完成协商,未来还会有更多的商户加入。